Civil Engineering

Starting from concept to execution we provide service following services:

  • Studies Review of Hydrological data and Studies, included in DPR (or feasibility report) prepared by Local Consultants, in respect of River flow available for power generation and its dependability and Maximum Flood discharge..
  • Preparing Technical specifications and scope of work for Topographic survey and Geotechnical Investigations.
  • Comparative studies for Optimization of locations and alignments of various structures such as Check dam, Diversion weir, Intake structure, Sand trap, Waterway, Head pond, Penstock, Power House, Tail Race channel etc. and preparation of Master Layout Plan, giving due consideration to topography, geomorphology.
  • Firming up Installed Capacity, Turbine Parameters and Estimation of Annual Generation.
  • Preparation of Preliminary Block Cost Estimate of Total Scheme for review & reference of the owners. Owner shall provide the local prevailing rates for various items of civil works for block cost estimate.


Detailed Engineering


  • Detailed Hydraulic and Structural design of Weir, Intake, Sand Trap, Waterway, Culverts on waterway, Head pond, and Penstock pipe and its ancillary structures, Power House, Tail race channel, Gates and Stop logs, Trash racks etc.
  • Detailed Geotechnical engineering analysis and design for various structures involved including stability analysis for cutting and filling, landslide mitigation, rock fall mitigation, drainage, erosion control etc.
  • Preparation of detailed construction drawings of all the structures.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities.
  • Preparation of Tender Document for Civil works, Bid analysis and assisting Owner in negotiations with Bidders and selection of Civil Contractor
  • Providing engineering assistance during execution and review quality of construction by periodic visits of experts. This not only helps to maintain close nit relation with execution team but also helps to avoid surprises at the end of construction due to misinterpretation/ misconception of the design scheme , and thus avoid unnecessary delays and cost overrun.


Electro Mechanical Engineering


  • Preparation of Technical Specifications and Tender Documents for Turbine, Generator, Power House Crane, Transformers, Control Systems, Station Auxiliaries etc.
  • Electrical Power system Analysis & Load Flow Studies, Control and Protection system design, Fault Analysis, Harmonic studies and Power Quality improvements.
  • Getting proposals from reputed equipment manufacturers, studying their correctness, technical discussion with manufacturers. Assistance for price negotiations.
  • Finalization of the supplier / vendor for placement of orders and Prepare contract documents with equipment vendor on behalf of Owners.
  • Interaction and coordination with Turbine Generator unit Vendor for finalization of Power House layout. Checking and approval of all equipment drawings.
  • Finalizations of Quality Assurance Plan with the equipment vendors.
  • Follow up and discussions with Equipment Suppliers and Factory Inspection during manufacture of equipment. Witnessing specified tests in Factory.
  • Inspection of critical and other auxiliary equipments during manufacturing, expediting deliveries and final inspection before dispatch to site.
  • Logistical Support - Having worked on project across the glob we have enough experience to handle, monitor and expedite logistics for better deliveries at site.
  • Supervisory services - Supervision during erection commission of plant, coordination with manufacturers and other agencies involved.


Thermal Power Plants

Thermal power plants are one of the popular for electricity generation for the reason of lower installation cost, thus giving economic power output. We provide both commercial and technical services from project justification through commercial operation. Services provided are project viability studies, preparation of bid documents for plant equipment specifications, technical discussions, witnessing tests, and plant thermal performance evaluations.

We offer following services:

  1. Power Island consulting :Boiler, Turbine, Generator units
  2. System Engineering and Integration Complete design engineering and integration of thermal power plants and associated auxiliary plants.
  3. Balance of Plant – Mechanical & Electrical Fuel / Material Handling System, Ash Handling system, Cooling Water System, Water Treatment System, General Mechanical Systems
  4. Procurement assistance
  5. Erection and commissioning services

Diesel / HFO Based Power Plants

We offer complete engineering consultancy for Diesel based power plant. Our services include: Detailed Project report (DPR), Feasibility studies, Optimization studies, Conceptual studies, Technical evaluation (Procurement Technical recommendation) for Engines, Waste heat recovery Boilers, Fuel handling system, Electrical distribution, Waste heat recovery systems, Design of electrical systems including switchyard, Synchronization and power evacuation, Preparation of Layout drawings and other auxiliary services.