Transforming Tricklets of Water into Kilowatts of Happiness

For over a century, hydroelectric power has been used to generate electricity from falling water from dams and rivers. Hydroelectric power is considered to be a clean, renewable source of energy, emitting a very low level of greenhouse gases when compared to fossil fuel plants. Hydropower has a low operating cost, once installed, and can be highly automated. An additional benefit is that the power is generally available on demand since the flow of water can be controlled. We offer complete engineering solutions for identification of site till commissioning of Hydroelectric Power Plants.

  • Concept to Commissioning
  • All hydro-generating equipment UNDER ONE ROOF
  • Electrical Panels
    • Turbine with its Governing System
    • Generator with its excitation System
    • Inlet Valves ( Butterfly &Spherical)
    • LT Switchgear
    • HT switchgear (Indoor & Outdoor application)
  • In-house Research & Design facility
  • In-house model development
  • In-house Sump-Forebay model Study
Complete range of Turbine available :


Head (m)

Output kW


150 – 710

50 –  20,000


  15 – 250

50  -  20,000


   20 – 210

10 –    5000

Kaplan (incl Semi Kaplan and Propeller)

 3 –  30

500 -  10,000